North of Kabul is the Shamali Plain (meaning ‘windy’ or ‘northern’). It is a green plain which is a major source of food for central Afghanistan. It extends from Kabul through Charikar, Parvan province to Jabal os Saraj. Because of war, food production stopped, but now it’s beginning to recover because the Plain is largely green during the summer, and this fertile land shouldn’t be wasted.


The irrigation system was destroyed by the Taliban, and now it’s beginning to recover. The people who live here suffered a lot during the wars and under the Taliban, because the Plain was the front line between war factions.

Shamali Plain - Afghanistan

Shamali Plain – Afghanistan


The main city of the Parvan province is Charikar, which covers a large part of the Shamali Plain.

Another city is Jabal os Saraj, a small town situated at the foot of the Salang Pass.

Other Destinations

Panjshir Valley is at the northern end of the Shamali Plain and it is famous because it was the base of the commander Ahmed Shah Massoud.

Getting There

You can get there by traveling on the main road which is heading north from Kabul and passes through the plain. The road was reconstructed so you don’t have to worry about that.

Shamali Plain - Afghanistan

Shamali Plain – Afghanistan


If you want to be safe and still see the Plain than you should drive north from Kabul. You’ll see some of the best views from Jabal os Saraj, but there are also other various viewpoints.


The locals produce fruits such as grapes that are very good.


Many wars have been fought in this region, so major routes have been demined, but some remote areas are still a risk. Seek local advice and training.

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